New Intellectual Advertising Technology

Existing advertising methods and means inform consumers on product advantages through imposing advertiser’s opinion upon them. In this case advertisement success is determined by how thoroughly the true consumer needs are considered by the advertiser. Since traditional advertising is a mass medium, there are always some buyers whose product choice criteria are different from those embedded in the ad message. Beside that, we should not forget about inner resistance to imposed opinion. Consumer will purchase the product if it satisfies his(her) personal product selection criteria, based on previous experience of similar product usage. In this case (s)he will have the impression that the product is selected according to his(her) own but not someone else’s criteria; this is one of the self-affirmation aspects every individual is longing for.

The client is provided with an opportunity to input the information on previous experience of similar product usage and on personal product evaluation criteria. After that, both newly offered products and previously used products with similar function are evaluated in accordance to the client’s preferences.

Under lack of experience the software provides an easy way for the user to determine the importance of these or that individual product evaluation criteria.

As a result, the system determines and displays the ratings of products most accurately corresponding to the clients’ personal understanding of the “best” product, based on experience of using similar functionality products.

User-friendly interface is targeted at the average computer user. The system easily adapts to advertising of any product. The most suitable objects of such advertising are expensive products/commodities of long-term usage (cars, real estate, high-tech household electronics etc).