XI-th International Symposium on the Analytic Hierarchy / Network Process (ISAHP-2011)

The Symposium took place in Sorrento, Naples, ITALY.

Laboratory presented three reports:

1. Tsyganok V., Kadenko S., Andriichuk O. Significance of Expert Competence Consideration while Group Decision Making using AHP Speaker - V.Tsyganok.

2. Kadenko S. Deriving Criterion Weights from Expert Judgements: Simple and Fuzzy Rankings vs Saaty’s Rrefernce Scale. Speaker - S.Kadenko.

3. Tsyganok V., Kadenko S. “SOLON” DSS Family and their Implementation for Project Selection in Weakly Structured Domains. Speaker - S.Kadenko.

Tsyganok gives a speechKadenko gives a speechTsyganokVitaliy Tsyganok